Just wanted to share:

My photography, via my craft business Green Post (on Etsy), was just featured in a new Craft Magazine called “Dilla Pa Handlaget” (which translates to Dilla On Handmade), launched this month in Norway. My recycled handmade paper plantable tags, photographed by me, are photo number 2.  It is very exciting to be published! Thank you to my friend and fellow artist/crafter, Unni Strand, who chose my product for the launch of this new magazine! Check out her shop here!

My photography has also been published in Make: Craft and Birds & Blooms Magazine, January 2011 Holiday Issue. You may also find my tutorial on the Birds & Blooms website.  However, they used my photos in the print version only.

I realize this type of photography isn’t necessarily art, but I would say that having to learn to photograph my product [and my paintings] helped me to learn to be a photographer in the first place. It is far more difficult, for me, to document than to take artistic shots. I prefer to make art. Someday, I would like to get something more artistic published. It’s good to have goals.

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