Here are a few shots from my latest art show “Lotus Fest” taken by photographer friend, Max Caston. He thought it was difficult to shoot due to low lighting & crowds in Dan Painter’s warehouse studio. But, I think this gives some idea of the feel of the event. Thanks so much, Max! Your support is so important to me!

The abstract expressionist paintings are my artwork. The paintings behind the stage are the host & my great friend Dan Painter’s work. The whole space is a product of his brilliance and always makes for memorable events! Thanks Dan!

Natty Moss Bond and Reina Collins performing on the indoor stage. They were great! They have been friends and performing together for 30 years! You can feel the love in their music. Many performances that night not pictured. Somebody must have more shots …  It’s hard to take pictures when it’s your show :)

Local Glass Artists, Duncan McClellan, Zen Glass and visiting, renowned artist Stephen Rolfe Powell all attended. Local Best Friend of everyone, Billy from The Burg with Tracy! Michelle Miller is just barely in that shot but I need to publicly thank her for being one of the best photographer’s assistants ever! She knows how to inspire me and helped me get many of the shots that I used in my film. Thanks Michelle!

Yes, that’s me in the kimono (and then of course taking it off after drinking more than enough). I was also hosting a show at my studio U562 that night featuring the work of 3 Japanese painters, Chinese painter and a traditional seal carver from Japan.  Before the shows, I was dressed by Japanese American artist, Noriko Kuehn and her 16 year old daughter. It felt quite ceremonial and was very calming.  I didn’t have to make any decisions about what to wear. I want to do it like that for every show!

Where’s the photography? In my film …  I will share the film in the next post …

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